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To my wisdom, this has develop into the normal remark for the 1st five books of Livy. it's a laugh to learn a few of the modern reviews--none of that have been altogether favorable. them all appeared skeptical of the length--as the same sized observation on all extant books of Livy may run over 7000 pages. The longest evaluation i may locate, years after ebook, basically criticized the particularly brief advent, and frankly had no longer seemed a lot additional on the observation itself!

Here's an excerpt from a assessment discussing the breadth of Ogilvie's scholarship:
Abundant statement on
political background and prosopography is furnished,
as a truly priceless complement to Livy's political
inexperience, his moralizing bent, and his not
unjustified angle that the early historical past of Rome
is mythical at top. substantial realization is
paid to Roman religion-again an important emphasis
in view of Livy's tendency to straddle between
his personal desire to take faith heavily, and the
contemporary skepticism that observed piety as an
affectation for political purposes.

Review by way of: Alfred C. Schlesinger
The Classical magazine, Vol. sixty one, No. 6 (Mar., 1966)

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It IS wrong to s archaic and poetical colouring' in the ea Livy's style moves in the later Decades towa Livy confines his unclassical usages to t heroes who thereby acquire character and There were good precedents for this. speeches should be appropriate to characte as in history. H. criticizes Thucydidesfor yopla,s (ad Pomp. 3. 20), Philistus as ov8~ avv€~,awv TOUS ;\6yovs (ibid. 5. ov ~ aTpaTtWTtKOrS K Lucian similarly advocates that speech 7TpoaW7TCfl (Quomodo Historia 58). there can be no gainsay which it is studded.

Their culture was characterized by elements which were more Phoenician than Greek, lending colour to the belief that they reached Sicily from the East before the Greeks (details in Dunbabin, The Western Greeks, 336-7). H. 1. 53). T h e Aeneas story was rooted in Sicily at the end of the sixth century and Sicily was a possible channel by which it could have reached Rome. Laurentem: 1. 10 n. tenuisse: sc. cur sum 'he had held course with his fleet to the land of the Laurentes', cf. 31. 45. 14; for classe cf 36.

3. 18. I I). It can be shown tha naming L. Valerius as the prosecutor of and M. Valerius as the prosecutor ofM. V Valerii were the saviours of the state. M Menenius as the conciliator at the First Valerius rescued a Rome surprised by Sab L. Valerius restored order and confidence 3· 70 . 3,3. 42. 1-2: the m only contemporary Genucius of whom we of Cybele (Val. Max. 7. 7. 6). ), a iL. Alienus at sponsible for the fantastic cognomen Cicer suggestive Cornicen (3. 35. ). The Macer's, but the difference is that where M of political allies of respectable Roman d 14 themselves by staying in Rome during the mediator with Sulla was required it was L 86) who was sent to Asia and the other L.

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