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Greek civilization and id crystallized no longer whilst Greeks have been shut jointly but if they got here to be a long way aside. It emerged through the Archaic interval whilst Greeks based coastal urban states and buying and selling stations in ever-widening horizons from the Ukraine to Spain. No heart directed their diffusion: mom towns have been a variety of and the hot settlements (»colonies») may usually engender extra settlements. The «Greek heart» was once at sea it was once shaped via back-ripple results of cultural convergence, following the actual divergence of self sufficient settlements. «The beaches of Greece are like hems stitched onto the lands of Barbarian peoples» (Cicero). total, and despite distance, cost practices turned Greek within the making and Greek groups way more resembled one another than any in their specific friends just like the Etruscans, Iberians, Scythians, or Libyans. The distinction among «center and outer edge» hardly ever mattered (all was once peri-, «around»), nor was once a bi-polar distinction with Barbarians of a lot value.

Should we appreciate the Greeks for having created their civilization even with the large distances and discontinuous territories isolating their self sufficient groups? Or did the salient elements in their civilization shape and crystallize as a result of its structure as a de-centralized community? This ebook claims that the reply lies in community attributes shaping a «Small Greek World,» the place separation is measured by way of levels of touch instead of via actual dimensions.

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18 BenAmi (1990)' 19 leclerc (2003); Keating (2004); Weatherill and Bernitz (2005). 20 Robertson (1992. 1995. 1997. 1998). For the evolution of the concept (apparently from )apanese business terminology) see Khondker (2004). 21 Robertson (1992. pp. 100-104; 1995). 22 The EU has set up a Committee for the Regions. eu Bistolfi (1995); Bono (1999); Vasconcelos and )offé (2000); Masala (2000); Brauch (2000). " As noted, the network approach of the twenty-first century deconstructs the meaning of "place" since the new technological, economical, and political connectivity often renders place insignificant.

With hindsight, the term "decentralízed network" seems apt to describe the ancient Greek Mediterranean. " However, perhaps it is possible to ask whether the term "network" has an explanatory rather than just a representational value for the formation of the historical Greek network. organization of complex systems, INTRODUCTION: NETWORKS AND HISTORY 9 especially when applying new insights from network theory concerning the dynamics of network formation of small worlds, where connectivity and "distance" among nodes is measured by their degrees of separation rather than by physical distance (more on this later).

On top of that we may superimpose a map that illustrates all real and imagined ties between colonies and mother cities. Yet another map may express artistic and architectural trends or material evidence for trade relations, such as wine or oil ampharae. The superimposed maps will reveal a dense, if somewhat messy, palimpsest oflines that connect "nodes" via "ties" and express different contents ("flows"). The flows appear mostly across open maritime spaces and, perhaps most irnportant, they move along multidirectional network lines.

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