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Px>Pi). The list of ordered pairs is divided into sublists: The primary sublist contains no cycles, and each of the other sublists contains a single cycle. Even in the case of inter­ locking cycles, it is not necessary to use a pair more than once; the cycles are being eliminated from the original list, and if a pair is moved from the original list into one of the cycle sublists, it cannot contribute to any further cycles in the primary sublist. There are several ways of forming The Canonical Ordering of P(L) 57 the single cycle sublist from the above table of ordered pairs; one such way yields: (uae,ae) (ae,p) (p,f) (f,t) (t,uae) Start with the head of the language, which must appear in the primary sublist as the metaresult of one or more pairs, and subscript it with the number "0".

T t t . . . t . t t . t . t t t t t . . . . t . t t t . t . t . t . . t t t . . . . . t . . t t . . t t t t . . . t . . t . . t . . . t t . . t t The Canonical Ordering of P(L) 55 the datum in hand (or the rule number, for multimetacomponent rules) is located, as is the column labeled with the goal. If the table entry defined by this process is a " t " , then the question is to be answered Yes; otherwise, the question is to be answered No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 1 2 .

These indicata will be called constructs, and will usually be written following the rule with which they The Language of Simple Assignment Statements 25 are associated. These constructs form the second additional input to the syntax-oriented translator of Fig. 3. 8, "(variable)" is numbered 2. ) The digits enclosed in the brackets and are interpreted as referring to a name as a metacomponent; the bracketed digit is to be replaced with the construct associated with the rule of which that name is the metaresult, according to the use of the rules in the parsing tree of some particular accretion.

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