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Thus it is common to have the \hline commands following the \\s on the input lines. We will do this in future examples. The \multicolumn column can be used to overrule the overall format of the table for a few columns. The syntax of this command is \multicolumn {n}{pos}{item} where n is the number of columns of the original format that item is to span, and pos specifies the justification of the new argument. ) and tables (perhaps created with the tabular environment) cannot be split across pages.

It is important to note that almost all of the special maths symbols are unavailable in ordinary paragraphing mode. $. 1 Symbols available from the keyboard A small percentage of the available symbols can be obtained from just a single key press. They are + − = < > | / ( ) [ ] and ∗. Note that these must be typed within maths mode to be interpreted as math symbols. Of course, all of a–z, A–Z, the numerals 0, 1, 2, . . , 9 and the punctuation characters , ; and : are available directly from the keyboard.

You just indicate exactly where the footnote marker should go, and provide the text of the footnote. The footnote text will be placed at the bottom of the present page in a somewhat smaller font, and be separated from the main text by a short horizontal rule1 to conform with convention. rule\footnote{See for yourself! } to conform No space was typed between the rule and the \footnote, because we want the footnote marker to appear right next to the last letter of the word. Multiple footnotes2 are obtained just by using the \footnote command again and again.

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